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About Laminate Floor Blog

Hey I’m Richard, the author of LaminateFloorBlog.

I have three years experience in the laminate floor industry gained from working at Sunspeed Flooring – a Chinese supplier that manufactures laminate floor for various famous brands around the world.

I know the product inside out and have made other useful guides including laminateflooringmanufacturers.com.

I made LaminateFloorBlog because I believe there’s a lot of misinformation on the internet about installing and cleaning laminate floors. I’ve seen plenty of articles suggesting string mops or foam mops are great for cleaning laminate floor, which has urged me to write a guide that will help people stop unknowingly damaging their laminate floors.

The fact is string mops and foam mops will, over time, damage your laminate floor because they use copious amounts of water. Laminate flooring has a real love hate¬†relationship¬†with water. Sure, you can’t not use water to clean laminate floor but if you use too much of it and it gets between the cracks then over time it will cause the core boards to warp.

If you mop your laminate floor regularly with a string mop and a big bucket of water theres a high chance that even after just a few months the areas with small cracks where water can get in will cause warping and you’ll have to replace the floor!

So LaminateFloorBlog is here to educate and share my advice in the hope that more people can enjoy their flooring for many years to come!

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